How to get your first 5000 users

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Learn how to get the first users to your service, and then begin to build a community to accelerate your growth

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Learn how to get the first users to your service, and then begin to build a community to accelerate your growth. Come and learn from the founder of a young startup in today's climate without the need for £1000s of marketing or heavy technical development.

This class will teach you the easy, every day tips and tricks that make it manageable even if you're just starting up on your own. We'll also work as group to help to look into some solutions for your current problems.

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68 Hanbury Street, London E1 5J


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Reviews Review How to get your first 5000 users

You don't need a marketing budget to start growing your user base

I've had a very positive experience at GA and am very glad I took this workshop.

First of all Howard gave us a check-list of everything we need to consider before launching our products along with valuable advice on what resources and tools are available for entrepreneurs. The class was very engaging - he made sure the discussions were tailored to our own projects.

The highlight was his in-depth knowledge of strategies and hacks on how to grow your user-base with zero budget. After taking this class I certainly feel more confident about launching my website!

Great practical and doable advice

First off, this class was £20 so it was never going to get a negative review.

But I was really pleased that this was a great class was packed from start to finish with useful advice illustrated with stories from successful startups and with Howard's own experiences growing his businesses.

As he says from the off, there is no silver bullet here. Just a number of different strategies, and a host of tips tricks and (buzzword) hacks to get you going.

Howard was a funny and engaging presenter, who took the time to get to know our projects and brought every point back to relate to one of us. He also dispensed some great advice unrelated to growth!

GA courses are always friendly, welcoming and full of interesting people doing exciting things. This class was no exception.