Personal Impact in Meetings

Royal Academy Dramatic Art

Personal Impact in Meetings provides practical exercises and experiential learning to help you accomplish the most from your meetings

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Two days



Course Description

Delivered over two days, you will work on techniques to help you understand the impact you have on others and ways to flex your behaviour to reach the most successful outcomes. Professional role play actors will join the group on the second day to help workshop scenarios and test out the learning in a simulated and safe environment.

This course is a deep learning experience suitable for people who have to participate, lead or contribute to meetings.

You will leave this course with:

More confidence when handling difficult situations and attendees in meetings
Practised skills and techniques you can take back into the workplace
Focussed coaching on how to deal with the specific issues that you face
The ability to get what you want out of meetings



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Reviews Review Personal Impact in Meetings

Great course to improve communication skills

After the completion of this two day course I felt both rejuvenated and a great sense of accomplishment. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to improve presentation and communications skills in business meetings. We were a small group of six people and were taken through lots of practical exercises interspersed with theoretical background. The main focus of this course is to get you out of your comfort zone and speak/ present/ argue a point of view in front of an audience. On the second day everyone 'acted' a for them typical work situation which was supported with professional actors. The scenes were acted our multiple times while the audience (the tutor and other participants) provided feedback throughout. Some of the exercises felt a little 'odd' a times, some were rather challenging, but the overall experience was a really good one. Our tutor was really knowledgeable and created a relaxed atmosphere.

Although it's a pricey course, I'd definitely think I got what my money's worth - although probably in a much less tangible way.

Hi Tim. What made you choose this course over the 1 day personal impact course? I'm not sure which to take.

Charles, Consultant at Market Gravity

Hi Charlie,

I believe the two day course is a little more hands-on and in-depth. As I described, the second day focusses on acting through some 'real life' situations in your workplace. I don't think they cover this in the one day course. I obviously didn't do the personal impact course but could imagine its fairly similar in terms of the tools & techniques you get to learn. Just probably a little less applying and practicing these. Hope this with your decision! I do recommend these courses as I really helps you reflect on and improve your communication skills.

Timothy, Innovation Consultant at Market Gravity