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An essential skill for founders - get an overview to financial modelling and investor expectations

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A basic understanding of business modeling and financials is an essential skill for founders, CEOs, CFOs, and investors. This class will provide you with an overview to financial modeling, its uses, and investor expectations.

You’ll also partake in a practical session building your own model in Excel, then discuss the outcome3s and results derived from your financial model with the class.


Gain an ability to build your own financial model.

Develop a basic understanding of cash flows, profit and loss accounts, and balance sheets.

Discover the key metrics investors, CEOs, and CFOs look at in a model.



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Accounting focussed, but great intro

I took this course to brush up my commercial modelling skills. It went into far more detail than I would ever use at work, but the principles of how to set up a spreadsheet and the extensive list of Excel shortcuts provided were more than worth the £50 it cost me. The instructor was really friendly and made sure no one got left behind as he rattled through the content. One slight negative was only a pack of crisps to eat in a 3 hour workshop - a man's gotta eat!