An unparalleled accelerated learning experience taking you from zero skills and confidence to coding your own app in a single day


1 Day



Course Description

Introduction to Code: what it is, where it's come from and where it’s going.
html/css in depth: what they are, how they work, how you write them.
Hands-on coding: build a simple website in html/css, then create your app's user interface.

Backend languages and data: allow your app to store and process data.
Programming theory: Core principles of computational thinking and how you express these in code.
App briefing and brainstorm: how to research and plan the coding process.
Hands-on coding: add behaviour and interactivity to your site with JavaScript.
Debrief and reflections.

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20 Underwood Row, London, N1 7LQ


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Reviews Review Decoded

Code in a day works!

I was prepared. Lynx java... applied. Java coffee... down in one.

I arrived at the venue near Old Street Station in time for a tasty breakfast that the good people at Decoded laid on for participants. There was enough time for a few introductions, then we were head-first into the day's training.

An engaging whizz through the history of coding followed. Great context, delivered by the two trainers who were to be with us for the day.

The day was well structured. As we learn't a new element of code, we would apply it to our own individual web-app project that ran in parallel to the teaching. We started with the basic HTML, then made our apps look jazzy soon after with CSS. Progressively we layered more complex functionality on top of this using java-script.

By the end we all had a really good overview of the key coding languages in use today, along with the critical know-how of how to self discover using the best online resources. Moreover, Decoded give unreserved access to their own online tools to all participants, allowing us to learn and build using their resources into the future.

My only criticism would be that the pace and teaching was sometimes hampered by different abilities in the room. There were clearly some in the room that found the tasks easy and some from older generations that really struggled. There was a little tension between the two. Had it not been for this I would have awarded a 5.

Good intro to development practices

Really accessible way of understanding what goes into developing basic websites and demystying the complexity of HTML and CSS. Nice takeaway of building your own responsive landing page by the end of the day.